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Metal buildings of all type and styles

Aircraft Aero flybys

Airier Flybys

Aircraft Hangers

Steel Framed Housing

Steel Framed House

Commercial Buildings

This commercial building is located at 120 East Main St. in Azle, TX
We installed the steel frame work and roofing system for this building.

This commercial building is located at 421 North Grants Ln. in White Settlement, TX
We installed the steel building for this project.

This commercial building is located just west of Universality Drive on I 30 south side
We installed the roofing system and steel frame work for this building.

Barns, Horse Stalls, Farm Equipment Storage

Spacious 12x12x7 stalls constructed of solid steel and rugged 2x12 kick boards. Board caps on every stall to discourage cribbers. The wide 4' sliding doors operate on smooth rolling trolleys for easy opening and closing. Swing out feeders and external stall doors for outdoor runs also are available.

Barn in Burleson, TX

Barn located in Burleson, TX

Barns complete with horse stalls other options available

Typical Horse stalls

Door and Window Framing

Doors and Windows

Steel Beam Lift

Steel Beams

Steel Framed Carports built to last

Steel Framed Carport

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